Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#DStrong #NancyReagan #RIP

Wise Wednesday KNOWSY Readers, today's post is another special edition.

This morning as I was looking at my Facebook feed I came across the sad news that 8 year old Dorian Murray had passed away late last night, this is the little boy battling cancer whose one wish was to become famous. He definitely got his wish, first in his own "little state of the Union", Rhode Island, then the nation and then the world, with so many people posting the now well known hashtag #DStrong!

Next is today's video news clip from RI TV station (WPRI) about Dorian's incredible life. 

Now as we know this has not been the only death to touch this nation or world, on Sunday March 6, the former First Lady Nancy Reagan also passed away at the age of 94, she is on the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, in regards to having lived a very long and active life both in front of the camera, as an actress as well as the wife of a most famous politician/statesman, the President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, and behind the scenes before, during and after their lives in the White House. The latter in particular once her husband had been diagnosed with another horrendous disease (one which I now quite well due to my own Mother's battle and loss), Alzheimer's. She become an advocate for those suffering from this disease and raising awareness to fund more research.
This is a video news clip from CNN:

Well here we have two quite different individuals, who have had a profound effect all around the globe both over a long and short period of time, they will be missed  but Not Forgotten, for although both were short in stature they were tall in spirit! I would like to leave you with one final clip, this time a musical one, yes, for those who are regular readers of my blog know well, music is a big deal to me! The song that came to my mind is one I remember as a child called "This Little Light Of Mine":  
 "This Little Light of Mine" is a gospel children's song with lyrics by Avis Burgeson Christiansen and a tune written by composer and teacher Harry Dixon Loes(1895–1965) c. 1920.[citation needed]
There are many variations both in lyrics and arrangement, after listening/viewing a multitude of videos I decided to share with you the version sung by Odetta.

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, I pray that this song will inspire you to let the Light of both Dorian Murray and Nancy Reagan Shine On in your hearts and in your daily lives!


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