Sunday, May 22, 2016

Laughing Chewbacca Lady + Which Creature Are You?

Sci-Fi Sunday KNOWSY Readers, did I just say Sci-Fi Sunday? Aren't Sundays supposed to be Sunny or Soulful? Well, if you are a regular reader of mine, yes, generally they are, however, today, there is a twist and it has to do with a video which has gone viral, I bet you have probably seen it, if not, go ahead and check it out. The first video is of this lady, whose name is Candace Payne after she had gone to shop at a Kohl's!

Okay, so have you stopped laughing yet?!? Hilarious, right? Such an infectious laugh! Well, I am not sure if this lady knew what would/could and did happen after she went live on Facebook with her video, needless to say, MANY people viewed, as well as the Kohl's store she had stopped to shop in. This next video is their response to her reaction (and indirect promotion) of both Kohl's and Star Wars Toys/Memorabilia!

I certainly believe that this has to have been her best Birthday (Present(s)) Ever!

This now leads me to the the second part of my blog title: Which Creature Are You? After watching this lady's video, the first thing which came to my mind was the T-shirt I designed last fall called: What's Your "Alter Ego" Personality?, originally intended for Halloween, however, there is no reference to Halloween on the shirt, so, if you are daring enough, you could wear it whenever the mood suits you, or the Personality, notice you have eight to choose from! Sorry, no Chewbacca! Quick question: Which one (Creature) would you pick?   To order click the link under the photo.

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, I certainly hope you enjoyed the video (again?!), it goes to show you, as Candace says, "the simple joys in life" are what can make you happy!    

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