Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day to You: Party of One!

Happy Wednesday KNOWSY Readers! Or should I say Happy Valentine's Day To You All!
Yes, today is Wednesday, February 14, 2018 and for many of you fine folks this day is a day to show your love to your special someone(s) in your life, generally, for those of you who are a couple, married or in a "serious" relationship.

As you probably noticed by my post title, this post is especially for all of you who are literally a "Party of One", yes, myself included. This date can be a difficult one for those who either by choice or circumstance are not in a "relationship" (i.e. Married/Engaged/Going Steady...hmmm, do they actually say that anymore?), who check the box: Single, on any form. The word: Single can be noted as Never Married/Divorced/Widow or Widower, the person who may sit at a table alone, reading a (e)book (physical or digital) or playing a game of Candy Crush ( I prefer Mahjong Trails) on their smartphone to pass the time.

 Ah yes, so back to Valentine's Day, what is a Single Person to do on a day synonymous with Hearts and Flowers, Boxes of Chocolate and for some, a Piece of Jewelry (i.e. a Ring)? That is the question! For some, they stay home, choosing NOT to go out so that others will see they are ALONE, oh no! For others, they will go out, put on a "Happy Face", even though their own hearts are feeling low. Lastly, another group may choose to "Love Themselves", yes, they will go out buy a floral arrangement (or plant, it lasts longer), a small box of chocolates (or a bag of Kisses), and splurge on anything that tickles their fancy (clothes/dinner/movie) because they know if you do not love yourself, how can anyone else love you?!?

Before I go on any further, I wanted to include a short video presented by history channel on the History of Valentine's Day, some of you may be aware of its beginnings, some of you may be surprised, go ahead and check this out!

Wow, not sure if you already knew that this date is marked by the date of the death of (Bishop) Father Valentine on February 14th, 270 AD, and the custom of giving and/or receiving a Valentine's Day Card has to do with the letters/notes he received while in jail (for marrying couples in secret/against the law at the time) and his own final letter he wrote to his love (jailer's daughter), signed "from your Valentine"!
Over time, the spread, or should I say, the commercialization, has made this date, a date "For Lovers", Couples, yes, a "Party of TWO", well, I would like this post to be a personal "card" to all of you who Single folks who as I mentioned before are a "Party of One"! Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

Well know KNOWSY Readers, what is a Party without some Music? I hope this music video, actually the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup: "We Are One" featuring the singers: Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, yes, it may seem an odd choice, however, as seen by recent events (i.e. Superbowl), sports definitely can fill your heart and soul and this song will definitely make you want to get up and dance, even if by yourself! Enjoy!

P.S. The "LOVE" photo was taken by me back in 2016 while visiting the Big Apple, yes New York City, it is a sculpture always surrounded by folks taking photos and selfies, it truly is a great piece of art, with a simple and great message: LOVE!   


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