Friday, May 15, 2015

Visiting The Big Apple? Check Out These Freebies!

Friendly Friday KNOWSY Readers, are you getting ready for your weekend? Will you be enjoying the Spring weather with some fun outdoor activities or will you be working (your place of employment) or around the house as part of your spring cleaning? Well, whatever you end up doing I hope you will take some time to relax and smell the roses so to speak!
For today's post I came across this next bit of information from the site it was one of the many emails I receive on a daily basis, since I believe that more than one of you fine folks will probably be travelling to the New York area, or know someone who will, this will actually help them Save Money as well as enjoy the City even more!


For the first in our Free series, we bring you the tips and tricks that will save you BIG TIME in the world's most expensive city. NYC is all about the biggest, the brightest, the best—with Michelin-starred restaurants, five-star hotels, internationally acclaimed museums, and luxury flagship stores that can run your bank account dry. Or not. Next Up: Miami, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, London and more.

Attention KNOWSY Readers: It appears as sometimes can occur when one "copies and pastes" information into one's own blog, especially true with Slideshow copy that for some reason it may NOT paste correctly, thereby not allowing the reader to view the next slide/information that is part of the  post. My sincerest apologies, thank you Carol King/blogger of "50 Dollars and a Prayer" (a blog I highly recommend!), who sent me a message about this issue. I am therefore giving you the direct link to the Jetsetter post, which I have tested and it does lead you directly to the post!

Very good my KNOWSY Readers, I hope now you will be able to view this post correctly, it definitely is worth it, especially for those who plan on visiting #NewYorkCity soon! Make sure to bookmark that link!


Hollie Hawley said...

How convenient! My family is planning a trip to New York this summer. I'll be sure to look into several of these as we plan the trip.

Maria-Victoria Orlando said...

Hello Hollie, thank you for visiting my blog!I am glad you found this information helpful, I am always on the search of an array of items of interest for my(KNOWSY)Readers!
All the best and enjoy your trip!


mike Gardner said...

This post brings back many memories of my last trip to New York

Maria-Victoria Orlando said...

Hello Mike, thank you for visiting my blog! I hope the memories that you have of New York are good ones and the info I posted are of some value to you! All the best.


Torsten Mueller said...

We haven't been to New York yet, but it is definitely on our bucket list.
Thanks for sharing these tips.


Maria-Victoria Orlando said...

Thank you Torsten for visiting my blog, it is much appreciated! New York is definitely a city for everyone to see at least once in their lives, I hope you get to visit soon! All the best.