Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween + Old Mill Harvest Festival Revisited!

Mindful Monday KNOWSY Readers, and a very Happy Halloween to you all! Well now, how many of you readers, are getting dressed up for this "holiday"? If so, what character will you be dressed up as? Whatever, you do, enjoy yourself, just keep in mind to watch out for the kids who may be trick or treating in your area, especially when crossing the roads!

Now then, as you can see below I am including two photos of the exact same pumpkin I won this past Saturday, October 29th, while visiting the Old Mill Harvest Festival in New London, CT. The first one I changed the color to purple, as an homage to all those who support the cause of EndALZ, the second was the original photo, so the question is: which pumpkin is your favorite?

The great thing about this event, other than featuring an incredible piece of local history and architecture, it was built in 1650 by John Winthrop, Jr. (Yes, two of the questions I answered on the Scavenger Hunt sheet, for which I was awarded the pumpkin!), was that it was completely FREE to the public, there was a table with two ladies taking the names of visitors and giving out free bags of popcorn, as well as free donuts and ciders, another lady was offering a free sample of her Kale Salad, very tasty! Due to the hour myself and my best friend arrived we did see a horse drawn wagon, unfortunately we weren't able to take the ride :(

Up next  are several short videos I recorded while attending the Harvest Festival, I apologize in advance for any shakiness, at times while I was filming I did move the phone/camera, especially when folks were passing in front of me. I hope you enjoy these videos and if you ever get the chance to visit this part of New England, definitely make a stop and visit this Old Mill!

This first video (1:37) was filmed live on Facebook directly to my Blog's Facebook Page:

The second video (0:49) I recorded live to my personal Facebook Page:

The third video (2:14) was definitely a sign of the new age, let's Zumba!

The fourth video (2:29) was another group of musicians that were performing during this event:

The fifth video (1:18) was the same musical group (so I do not know the name):

The sixth and final video is actually from my Instagram Page, my Instagram Story (0:10):

Very good my KNOWSY Readers, I hope you enjoyed these little videos and you enjoy yourselves today wherever you may be in the world!

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