Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feeling Low? Try My Pandoro French Toast Recipe To Sweeten Your Day!

Tasty Thursday KNOWSY Readers, how is everyone today? Are you happy or sad after seeing the results of this past Tuesday's Election Day? I know for some they would have wished that history would have been made, and the first Female President for the United States would have been elected, this was not the case and Donald Trump will become the next (45th) President of the United States.

Time will only tell how this will affect this country, until then life goes on.

So what do we do that we all have in common? We Eat!

Today I decided to share with you a recipe I created, just like Sandra Lee, the host of Food Network's Semi Homemade Cooking, I used a ready made product and made it better! My Recipe is called Pandoro French Toast, yes, in actuality it should be written Pan D'Oro , the Italian term for "Golden Bread".

My recipe for this delicious breakfast treat is as follows, please note this is for one serving, to make more servings increase (double/triple) the ingredients listed:

First I began with the Pandoro,  Italian Sponge Bread Cake, this particular brand is specially packaged for ShopRite Supermarket, my local grocery store), the Pandoro is the same style cake as the Panettone normally seen this time of year, except it does NOT have the dried fruits or nuts.

I cut the cake horizontally, across the bottom not vertically (down), to have the star shape which is created by the cake mold. I did cut this in half in order to fit the cake into the bowl which included the egg mixture, if you have a larger bowl/pan you do not need to cut it in half.

Next I used two large eggs, a teaspoon of sugar and approximately 1/3 cup of milk ( I did not measure this, I went by sight, old school).
FYI: The brand of milk you see pictured was bought at Dollar Tree! Yes, they do have milk and it tastes just fine, all for only $1!

This is what the egg mixture looks like after first beating the eggs, then adding the sugar and milk.

Next, add the Pandoro cake slices into the egg mixture one at a time, press down into the mixture to soak the cake, you will need to turn the cake at least twice to cover the cake with the egg mixture.

While you are soaking the cake into the egg mixture, place a griddle (Or a large frying pan) onto your stove, set on low heat, grease the griddle with a teaspoon of butter (salted or unsalted, your choice), place the egg soaked cake onto the heated griddle, increase the heat slightly. Cook approximately 1-2 minutes on each side, I did turn over the cake slice(s) again to further cook to a golden brown, be careful not to burn the "French Toast".

Once cooked transfer the Pandoro French Toast to a plate, next spread it with margarine/butter (your choice) and Pancake Syrup, ENJOY!

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, go ahead and try out this recipe, an alternative to traditional Pancakes and Waffles and even French Toast! Lastly, you can also sprinkle the top with confectioner's sugar if you wish!

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