Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Has Arrived, Tis The Season To Be Kind! Check Out The 31 Day RAK Calendar!

Thoughtful Thursday KNOWSY Readers, can you believe it, today is the first day of December! As generally is the case, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Holiday Season, everyone begins to make plans for travel either to visit family and friends, others may opt for a Staycation instead, in either case the hustle and bustle is seen all around especially in all the shopping centers with all their holiday decorations up, each store promoting their sales to entice you to buy that one extra item for those on your Christmas List.

As we all know this time of year is expected to be joyous, with thoughts of good cheer, however, sometimes the opposite may occur, what I call the "Bah Humbug Effect", the negative feeling(s) that may creep up and darken your outlook all month long, so what should one do to foster goodwill?

Well I am glad you asked, today I received an email from a site I have written about before called, very simply put their mission is to spread kindness everywhere they can, however they can, a very noble idea indeed!

Next up is a very short video about their 31 Day Kindness Challenge

Try to complete all 31 acts of kindness in December

December Kindness Calendar for 31 days of pay-it-forward ideas. Challenge a friend or family member and see who can complete each act of kindness for the month.

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, are you ready for this challenge? Remember, if you want to make it more interesting follow the suggestion in the video and write each of these acts on a piece of paper and place it in a small envelope, mix them up and choose a new one each day! Go now and Spread some Kindness! 

P.S. The Calendar included in the email had to be downloaded, I took a screenshot of it, and saved the image to include in this post, I hope you are able to view it clearly.

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