Monday, January 26, 2015

Like Saving Cash? Twitter Can Help

Mindful Money Matters Monday KNOWSY Readers, yes this is a "twofer", both in title and content. Normally I refer to Mondays as Mindful or Money Matters, today it is both. What is on my mind? Well, again another "twofer", the obvious, living here in CT, the expected "historic" storm a.k.a. #BLIZZARD of 2015! So far I literally am hearing the snow plows passing in front of my house, still doing their rounds while we are still in the "calm" so to speak before the actually true brunt of the storm which is expected overnight into tomorrow. Looking out the window there are a few inches, though the forecast has been saying two feet or more of snow! Very simply put we have to wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us in the #Northeast.  
The second part of the Money Matters has to do with the title of my post and an article I saved the other day to add to my blog it appeared on and was written by Trent Hamm.

**I am adding this update on Jan. 27, 2015: here is the link to page since I seem to be having problems with the slideshow not loading properly.

10 twitter accounts to follow for great deals

For those of you searching for discounts online, Twitter offers an almost endless cavalcade of fresh coupons and offers. By simply scrolling through Twitter feeds, you can find information about store sales, coupon codes and many other valuable tools for saving money.
There are so many great Twitter accounts tweeting out discounts and sales that it can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few simple strategies to find the best tweets with deals:
1. Don't be afraid to use the search tool to dig through coupons. For example, if you're looking for discounts on mystery books, you may want to search Twitter for "@AmazonDeals mystery" or "@BookDealDaily mystery." If you want a coupon for detergent, try searching "@SmartSourceCpns detergent" or "@RedPlumEditor detergent." These will provide you with the results you're looking for.
2. Don't bother looking unless you have a real need. If there's nothing you're interested in buying at the moment, these accounts will just convince you to spend money anyway. That's unnecessary and not the best personal finance move. Instead, save this list for when you're ready to buy something. Then check these accounts for the latest deals on those products.
3. Be a savvy shopper. A piece of junk that you don't really want doesn't suddenly become something amazing just because it's on sale. Focus on items you would actually want without the coupon, and let the coupons and sales simply reduce the price you have to pay on the items you would actually use.
Twitter is a great tool for finding discounts, but, as with any tool, using it wisely makes all the difference.

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Alright my KNOWSY Readers make sure to save this page and check on each of those accounts to see where you too can save some cash! 

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