Monday, December 29, 2014

Yes, Some Things In Life Are Free

Money Matters Monday KNOWSY Readers, and can you believe in two short days we will be closing out another year? My, oh my, for some reason this year seems to have gone by faster than previous years (at least until the last six weeks due to foot injury, still more than two more weeks to go for cast removal!!).
For today's post I came across some information which you may or may not have knowledge of and it comes from one of my favorite sites: and is written by Maryalene LaPonsie.

10 Things That Used to Cost Money but Are Now Free

Now than my KNOWSY Readers, did you check out each of those items, how many of those have you taken advantage of? Myself, probably the one I use most often is the Public Library! It is an excellent resource in particular for picking up DVDs for both movies as well as TV series! 

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