Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Question of the Day: Is It Ok To Go Gray?

Hello there readers, as usual I am scoping the web and came across this segment that actually ran on the Today show and asked this "burning" question, now as someone who literally never (oh my gosh, did I just say NEVER, yes, I did) dyed my hair (only in the '80s did I add a little colored frosting - similar to applying mascara to my hair, but temporary and washable, mainly when I went out to go dancing at the Night Clubs. Anyhow, to date as I mentioned before I have never dyed my hair and my saying is "I refuse to "dye"!" LOL :)
Now you may ask, Why? My answer is simple, I do not feel compelled to change my hair color, plus, I have EARNED each and every gray hair I have, and a better question to ask is, Why do women have to feel ashamed or made to seem less attractive if a gray hair should pop through?
The truth of the matter is graying is part of the aging process and we should not run away from it but rather embrace it, dare I say revel in it.
So go ahead, I dare you, do not "dye", rather LIVE with your hair in its' natural state, you just might be amazed at how your outlook about looks changes and how you do not need to "disguise" yourself by dyeing your hair!!

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