Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spread The Word NOT The Germs!

Wise Wednesday KNOWSY Readers, how is everyone doing? Here in Southeastern CT. it is sunny, and I just checked the temperature - it is 59 degrees!! Wow, the question is how long will this last? Not much I presume, before long the change will come and the bitter reality will set in, ah, such is life.
Ok , so for today I wanted to share with you what I consider this to be a public service annoucement, it comes from GCN (Grocery Coupon Network) and it is an infographic (that's the latest term for information with pictures, ooooo...ahhhhh). The message it gives is an important one, and yes, a well-being one; with so much focus on other viruses that spread (i.e. bird flu), this is of utmost concern when you think how many times in a week/month do you go and visit your local supermarket/grocery store?
In their defense, the ones I frequent do have sanitizing wipes right at the entrance, and YES, I do use them to wipe the handle bar on the cart as well as my own hands before touching the bar. So go ahead and read this information and don't forget to share this with your friends and families (especially those with young children).
Remember: Spread The Word NOT The Germs!
Brought to you by the extreme couponers at Grocery Coupon Network, where you can save hundreds by couponing at your local grocery store.

Readers take note: Due to technical difficulties the transcript portion of the infographic has been removed and replaced with the above link from GCN which should take you to the intended infographic. The actual title of the article is "Grocery Store Must-Know Facts: the Germy Side of the Store You Don't See" by Meaghan on January 9, 2014.

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