Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Men, Two Pioneers, Martin Luther King, Jr And Elvis Presley

Mindful Monday KNOWSY Readers, for today's post I want to bring to mind the significance of this day  as we remember the late Martin Luther King Jr. and of this month as the birth month of two legendary men, two pioneers in their own rights, one as a freedom/civil rights fighter the other as a musical icon, the late Elvis Presley.
In today's society, often times, the impact made by these two men in different, yet similar ways, both had tremendous followings, both conveyed with words, one spoken, the other in song, may be taken for granted. Yet it is due to their beliefs and talent that much of what is "mainstream and commonplace" today was first forged and fought for earlier on.
Below I have included a link to the iconic speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. made at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. When you have a moment, do listen to his speech, the video lasts over 17 minutes.

Next I wanted to include Elvis Presley's song "If I Can Dream" which was directly inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and was the finale for the 1968 TV Special. This without question is one of my favorite songs ever!

Please note this video is strictly for your listening pleasure, no commercial use is allowed.
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