Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Salute To "Little Miss Broadway": Shirley Temple

Winsome Wednesday KNOWSY Readers, winsome, you may ask? According to the  Britannica Webster Dictionary the definition is as so: adj 1: causing joy or pleasure : WINNING, CHARMING
2 : CHEERFUL 1a. HAPPY. A truly accurate assessment of the one and only Shirley Temple!
I ask the indulgence of my readers today to go off topic and pay tribute to whom may be described as "America's Little Darling". My heart sank when I found out about the passing of Shirley Temple, the image of her singing and dancing in her vast collection of movies is forever engraved in my memory and I imagine in so many of my readers, let alone the world.
My memories from childhood are of watching on either Saturday or Sunday afternoon, a movie matinee on TV of anyone of her movies. I believe I am not alone in remembering her in one of her first movies: Little Miss Broadway, or possibly you may recall Captain January, The Littlest Rebel, how about Poor Little Rich Girl or Little Princess. One of my personal favorites is Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, as well as Young People. Of couse, the famous classic rendition of Heidi. As she grew older, one of her final movies was the comedy starring Cary Grant called The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. Whichever one of her movies you liked best, you always knew the outcome would be the same: a Happy Ending. This was part of her charm that so radiated in her work, the sweet smile and classic dimple, the twinkling in her eyes that made you feel at ease regardless of what strife might be occurring in th movie storyline or for that matter in one's own life.
Shirley Temple was an amazing talent from such a young age, she was the complete package, she could sing, she could dance (her tap dancing routines with Bill Bojangles Robinson, were awe inspiring) and she could act. Although her passing is a loss, we can all be consoled with the viewing of her film recordings for posterity. She had entertained and delighted so many generations, that her legacy will remain and flourish inspiring the next generation, and the generation after that to sing along and dance along with her, whether it's on the Good Ship Lollipop or You Gotta S-M-I-L-E To Be H-A-Double-P-Y.
I was searching to see which video to add and decided upon Old Straw Hat from Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Enjoy!

KNOWSY Readers, as I have mentioned previous times when posting videos, this is strictly for your own personal viewing and listening pleasure, no commercial use is allowed or intended.

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