Saturday, February 1, 2014

Big Game, Little Tykes...What's a Mother To Do?

Super Saturday KNOWSY Readers, that's right, it is officially Super Bowl Weekend and all you football fans are gearing up for the big day tomorrow between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. For true fanatics, all this week has been in preparation for the "party" at whatever location you plan on watching the game. This may include going all out on decorations and food preparation, let alone going to your area sporting goods store to pick up your favorite team's jersey.
Now this leads me to my post today, I am sure there is more than one mother who is also a football fan, but as we all know mothers have many hats to wear, and most importantly as a mother, is to make sure that her little tykes are not left out of the festivities. I actually saw this next piece of information last week and thought about exactly when to post it, hoping that it does not get lost in the multitude of Super Bowl Mania, it is from the site (no relation to my own blog, but great minds think alike) and it was written by Jennifer Coe.


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