Saturday, February 15, 2014

Waste Not! The Goal of Food, Food, and More Food

Snowy Saturday KNOWSY Readers, here we go again in southeastern CT, yet another bout with Old Man Winter, he may be "Old" but he can sure pound a wallop!
Well, now that I've said that, on to today's post, I actually had a couple of articles to choose from which I will be posting in the next few days but I decided on one I probably received a week ago from
(Grocery Coupon Network) which dealt with an all too common problem of food waste, not only here in the United States but worldwide. In this article which is illustrated with an infographic (I had posted one similar, but for some reason the actual infographic did not post even though I copied and pasted the appropriate code, ahh, such is the modern times we live in), was written by Meaghan.


Facts About Food Waste in America and How You Can Make a Difference


Learn the Facts About Food Waste in America
Learn the Facts About Food Waste in America
Food waste in the United States is a problem of epidemic proportions. Not only are we throwing money down the drain, but people in need are going hungry while we bask in excess.
Pledge to waste less food by:

  • Getting the facts about "expiration dates"
  • Buying "misshapen" fruits and veggies that get tossed because they’re not "pretty"
  • Storing your fruits and vegetables properly so they don’t spoil prematurely
  • Taking home restaurant leftovers (including the bread basket)
  • Asking your bakery to donate to a food pantry (many stores throw baked goods after 12 hours!)
  • Supporting stores that supply food pantries (MeijerWalMart & Aldi are examples of stores that donate)
  • Using all parts of the meat you buy (Buying a whole chicken? Make broth out of the bones and scraps)
  • Saving and freezing the ends of onions, celery, carrots, etc. and making broth at the end of the month
  • Checking out this graphic to learn more about food waste:
Facts About Food Waste
Facts About Food Waste Brought to you by your friends at

Now my KNOWSY Consumers it is your turn to do your part in this "epidemic", first start in your own home, next share this with your friends and families, the more everyone is made aware of this the sooner we can slow down the waste, both of the goods (food products) and the money spent from the making/producing to the end source (consumers).

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