Saturday, February 22, 2014

World Travel On The Cheap

Sunny Saturday KNOWSY Readers, excuse me, did I just say Sunny? My gosh, I did! After a roller coaster ride of weather conditions: Freezing Temperatures, Winter Storms/Blizzard Conditions to Torrential Downpours yesterday late afternoon, it is a sunny almost Springlike day here in southeastern CT - AMAZING! Now bearing all that in mind, and as the Sochi Winter Olympics are starting to wind down, I am wondering what to post today. After a review of different sites and articles I saved, I thought what might interest my readers may be something with an international flavor, no not food recipes or restaurant reviews, but rather actual world travel. Plus in keeping with the theme of my blog, where one may go to SAVE and STRETCH that DOLLAR. I came across this article from the site called, so go ahead and take a look, maybe one of those locales may be your next destination for FUN and ADVENTURE!

Countries Where Your Dollar is Worth the Most

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Do you want to travel but don't have much money to spread around? Pick one of these countries where the American dollar is worth a lot of the local currency and you can vacation like a king!
Vietnam might not be the first place you think of when you picture vacation, but what you might not know is that the backdrop for the Vietnam war was actually a really beautiful country. And exchange rates in our favor mean that you can stay in bed and breakfasts for as little as $15 a night. Then later, while you are out and about on the town you can get meals from street vendors for about a dollar. Other bargains to pick up in Vietnam are silk scarves for about $5 or silk jackets for $20.
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Alright my KNOWSY Travellers, pack your bags and begin your journey. Just remember to update your passport, just in case it has expired. 

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