Monday, March 24, 2014

Turn Spring Cleaning Into Extra Cash

Money Matters Monday KNOWSY Readers, and another late-night edition, but first, the obvious question: How have your brackets fared? Has the team you picked to win it all still in the tournament, or has it had to pack its' bags to go home? Can we say: Witchita St., Duke, Creighton, Syracuse...and the list goes on. Well, and yes, I am going against the tide, I picked our home team the University of Connecticut/UConn Huskies to GO ALL THE WAY! Like I said, call me "crazy" but I have faith that all of Kevin Ollie's experience both as a former player (under Hall of Fame Coach Calhoun) and now Head Coach will spur these players to win Yet Again the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Time will tell.
Now onto today's post, looking at the calender, we can all see that March 20 was the first day of the new season: SPRING! After such a horrendous winter season, we are all ready to start anew both indoors and out, for many that means Spring Cleaning. While going through this process, it is very possible that items you had tucked away and forgotten about resurfaces, the question is: Do you still need/want it? If the answer is NO, what to do, especially if the item still has some value. The video below was featured on one of my most recommended sites: and was presented by Stacy Johnson, CPA from

Painless Ways to Turn Junk Into Cash

Most of us have unwanted stuff hanging around the house, but may not have the time to sell it.


Now than my KNOWSY Readers, go ahead and try out those tips, a few of these I'm actually trying/using right now, Ebay and Craigslist, it has been slow which I attribute much to the horrendous weather I mentioned before. But, hey, I have to ask, Anyone interested in a collection of beautiful Waterford Crystal Ornaments? If so, email me. :) Also, if you have any tips or experience using any of the sites mentioned by all means do share!

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