Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Plus My Pinterest Board

Sunny Sunday KNOWSY Readers, and a very Happy Mother's Day to every Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, as well as Adoptive and Foster Moms, Mr. Moms (they count too), to all those who have been a maternal presence in our lives but may not be at all related to us, and last, but not least, Godmothers (yes, of which I include myself)!
As I have been mentioning for the last several days, I am including a link to the Pinterest Board I created as part of Pinterest's Mother's Day Challenge, and yes, I am STILL WAITING to hear if it made the cut (the top 50 are to be featured). Whether or not it is on the list I hope you fine folks are able to check it out, my Mother/Mi Mama was a tremendous person, and she is sorely missed!
In regards to my board, the way it was intended to be viewed is actually from Bottom to Top versus top to bottom ( in order to go in proper chronological order). I had asked Pinterest about the ability to edit/reconfigure the board, the answer I received was that, not at this time, even though move Does Have the ability to Move Boards up and down on one's own page. In my opinion, if one can do that, one should be able to do the same within one's own board. So for future reference, If you want tohave something in chronological order, Pin in Opposite Order, that way the beginning will be at the top of your board instead of at the bottom. Got that?! Good.
Lastly, there are two Pins which have links to hear/see song(s)/video(s), make sure to click the respective photo(s) to listen/see. If you would like to see a subtitled version (original black and white) of "Mi Buenos Aires Querido" ("My Dear Buenos Aires"), go to YouTube and click that video, I tried to upload and for whatever reason it would not do it, so I have the colorized version.
Once again, wishing all a Very Happy Mother's Day!

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