Monday, July 28, 2014

Today: Kids Play, Tomorrow: Kids Rule

Money Matters Monday KNOWSY Readers, is everybody in fine form today? Ready to conquer the world? Or at least whatever work you may have put off from last Friday? I certainly hope you accomplish whatever you have on your agenda for the day as well as for the rest of the week.
Once again, I have come across an interesting piece I actually saw over the weekend, this one actually is for you folks that have kids, or more accurately, creative/industrious type kids. If so, parents are always looking for ways to teach their kids the value of money and hard work, and how the two combined should provide for one's future. To actually "reap what you sow" and "fruits of your labor".
In today's society, as we see how young kids start learning about computers and using electronic devices, it is not a far stretch to foster that same type of learning to a possible trade/service/product that can be created and presented to the general public or specific sector (depending on what your budding entrepreneur excels in).
I mentioned in an earlier post about watching the hit show "Shark Tank", and recall a young man (approximately 11 years old) who presented his pitch to the "Sharks" to invest in his company (it was a line of bow ties), he did not get the investment but did get Daymond John to mentor him. The example given by this young man to first see something he liked to do and transform it into a business was very hopeful sign for the future. Just as parents get kids involved in sports or music/the arts at a young age, so too it is important to nurture and encourage kids to expand all their talents in all areas.
This video was presented on and is a segment from WSJ Live/Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.

'Toy' aims to turn girls into CEOs

It's My Biz is an activity kit containing essential tips and tools to help tween girls leverage their existing interests and feel confident about their skills. Fashion Angels' owner Goldi Miller joins Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.
Ok my KNOWSY Readers, time to go and check out which of those "toys" would best suit your Biz Kid! This literally come be the start of something BIG!

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