Hello Ladies (and Gentlemen) I am writing today to pose a question as to which song should be considered the Adult Woman's Anthem . WHAT? You ask: Is there an Adult Woman's Anthem? Well, if no one has ever properly nominated one, let me be the first to do so! The choices are: "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen or the classic 1970's hit (co-written) by Helen Reddy "I Am Woman".
I had originally starting writing this post as an endorsement of the "Let It Go" song due to the fact that I watched the movie recently and I heard the song while watching an excellent short video in relation to the synchronization with Christmas treelights onFacebook.
Now you are probably asking yourself: Why this song? Isn't it from a Kid's Movie? Isn't it a "Kid's" Song? Well, the answer is yes and no. It is from a "Kid's" movie, Disney's Frozen, which according to wikipedia is the highest grossing Animated Film of alltime (grossing nearly $1.3 Billion, yes I said BILLION Dollars) and it is the fifth highest grossing Film of alltime. But No, in my opinion (when you truly listen to the lyrics) it is definitely an "Adult" song (in particular for women versus girls). Please note I am strictly commenting on this song and not the focus of the movie, which was inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Snow Queen", in it the two lead characters: Elsa and Anna are two sisters who ultimately have to rely on themselves to "save the day" and each other (not necessarily in that order) versus depending on the classic (male) hero thereby promoting Female Empowerment, which is very important for girls both young and old to see to instill in them confidence.
I have actually posted about this song in my blog, Maravick K.N.O.W.S., earlier this year (Jan. 25, 14) with the title: "Freezing Temperatures + FROZEN Movie = Heart Stirring Song". In that post the video has the song sung in multiple foreign languages which further illustrated (no pun intended!, well maybe a little!) its global impact.
Now back to my "nomination" as the "Adult Woman's Anthem" and why I consider it an "Adult" song. As you listen to the lyrics you "see" that only someone who has had experience could actually be "singing" about "the storm that rages on within", a child (and yes, this is a generalization) does NOT have the experience (usually in terms of life/years) to be relating to this (line of the) song. Since it is a "catchy" tune you saw thousands (and so many more) singing/posting their own videos (usually of young girls) belting this song out. If there is a few lines I do take issue with are: "Good girl", this of course falls into what I call the push/pull of the "Good Girl Syndrome" (a phrase I just coined, will have to write about this in another post!) and especially the line "You'll never see me cry". This bothers me because it basically is telling girls in particular that if you do cry you are WEAK, I beg to differ! To show emotion, show's you are HUMAN, and that you HAVE A HEART!
So here you have the two songs and their respective videos (courtesy of YouTube), go ahead and take another Look and Listen!
Remember these videos are strictly for your own personal viewing and listening pleasure, No Commercial Use is Intended or Permitted.
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have the two nominations for the "Official" or should I say "Unofficial" Adult Woman's Anthem, or would you prefer simply theWoman's Anthem? In either case, let me know which you prefer, and I am curious for those considered the Millennials, if you even ever heard of Helen Reddy and are familiar with this classic song? If neither song inspires you (I"M SHOCKED!!) what song would you nominate?