Friday, February 27, 2015

Giving Feedback Can Be Rewarding

Friendly Friday KNOWSY Readers, I hope you are all doing well and getting ready to enjoy your #weekend. Today I wanted to share with you this next piece of information which you may or may not have known about and whether you yourself have actually done this to #Save some #Money or get a replacement if a product was defective. I know myself I have gotten in contact with a brand and received a check for the cost of what I paid for a particular product (which was defective) as well as some money-saving coupons! As the saying goes: "You  don't know until you ask". This article comes from one of my favorite sites: in their #SavingsExperiment page.

Get Freebies for Your Feedback

 By Savings Experiment Staff

Writing to your favorite brands with feedback can get you free stuff. When they say "contact us," they really mean it!

The key is to send a respectful message, even when you're complaining. Here's a quick and easy checklist for your letter: include your contact details; steer clear wild claims; be brief; send proof if you have the product; keep a copy of the letter for yourself; and be specific.

If you're on the freebie hunt, sites can help you find over 100 companies that respond to feedback with free coupons.

Do you prefer writing something a little shorter? Then social media may be a better route for you. Lots of people have received freebies or discounts by voicing their opinion on social media platforms, like Twitter. Just make sure you are following them first so you can DM -- or "Direct Message" -- with them.

For free stuff, start writing or tweeting at your favorite brands today and you'll find that speaking up can get you some sweet savings.
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Now than my KNOWSY Readers, how many of you have actually contacted a brand and it responded favorably? If you have never done so, it doesn't hurt to try, the fact is more companies want to keep their customers happy and satisfied ensuring a long lasting relationship!

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