Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tiny Houses Give Hope For The Homeless

Wise Wednesday KNOWSY Readers, and just what wise words of wisdom can I offer you today?
Well, after reviewing different articles and other tidbits of information, I noticed this one, which is a little off topic for my site, but in keeping with the spirit of ways of saving money, not necessarily individually but rather as a whole community.
On a daily basis, I presume that the vast majority of us have come in contact with at least one homeless person, possibly more in larger metropolitan ciities. The reality of how to address the situation is becoming more pressing as the state of the economy creates a larger homeless sector. The ability for many non-profit organizations is decreasing due to lack of funding via donations. One way to respond to this situation is by building tiny houses where those without homes can live and try to put their lives back on track. This leads me to this article I found today from, written by Carrie Antlfinger of the Associated Press.

Tiny houses help address nation's homeless problem

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