Monday, October 5, 2015

Time And Attention...How Important Are They to You? Check Out Gary Vaynerchuk's Video!

Mindful Monday KNOWSY Readers, did everyone survive this weekend? I pray that any of my readers who were in the path of #HurricaneJoaquin are well, physically speaking and that not too much, if any, property damaged sustained. For those of you who are regular readers, thank you for your continued support it is much appreciated, you already are familiar with my primary focus of trying to find ways to Save Money and if possible to Make Money. With that said you also know I do add other articles and videos that I find that will be of interest to you that are not necessarily related to my main focus, for example, PSA's (Public Service Announcements) from in matters of being ready/prepared for events, such as a hurricane, as well as articles from #TSA (Transportation Security Administration) in regards to any changes a traveller needs to know when travelling by air.
For today's post I came across this video posted on #Facebook by the entrepreneur #GaryVaynerchuk (it is over 7 minutes long) and he gives insight as to his opinion of where one's focus is/should be. It is an interesting video in the mind of this man and even though someone who may not be in #business, may still want top view it and see if he/she agrees with the idea that the two most important points today are #Time and #Attention.
you need to watch this all the way through - execute on attention and time is massively massively important.
Posted by Gary Vaynerchuk on Sunday, October 4, 2015
Well now my KNOWSY Readers, did you watch this video? What did you think, do you agree with Mr. Vaynerchuk in regards to time and attention being so important? If not, what do you believe are the most important points in your life? 

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Steffi Black said...

I just loved his video and the honesty and authenticity in it. Thank you so much for sharing and for inspiring.