Saturday, February 6, 2016

Are You Planning A (Super Bowl) Party? Check Out These Sweet And Savory Recipes!

Sunny Saturday KNOWSY Readers, yes , the Sun is shining here in Southeastern CT. after yet another bout with Old Man Winter! So quick question: How many of you fine folks are planning on having a Super Bowl Party? I presume quite a few of you! In fact you are probably at your local supermarket buying your last minute supplies, depending on the size of your party you are thinking about what or how many appetizers to make to satisfy your hungry crowd!
Well today's post should give you PLENTY of Recipes to try for this party and any others you plan on having soon or in the not too distant future! This article comes to you from, since there are 50 Recipes to choose from I will also include the link to directly access this page just in case the arrows for the slideshow are not active. Enjoy! 

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