Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yes....I'm still alive and I have returned, but wait, where did I go?

Hello again KNOWSY Readers! You are probably asking yourselves, based on my post's title, did I actually leave...the city, state, or country for that matter, the answer is... No! I never left, although, it feels as though I wish I had. The reality, similar to others who have or are present caring for an elderly parent, the time spent tending to their needs, especially in my mother's case who suffered from Alzheimer's (a HORRENDOUS disease,that I do not wish on anyone)as well as other ailments, took its toll on my life,or rather the lack of an actual personal life. My mother since has passed away this past September, which was a tremendous loss considering the profound influence my mother had in my life from childhood to adulthood, from our homeland of Argentina,to the country I reside in and have lived in for the majority of my life the United States. From the beginning when I used to hold my mother's hand to the end when the roles reversed and (due to the illness) my mother in many ways became like a child if not infantlike. In Argentina, we have an expression, which my mother used to say many times over, La Segunda Infancia, the second infancy, which sadly was so accurate, that as a mother would have to feed her child, so too, I was feeding my mother near the end of her life. There is more that I could say, but, I will leave that for another day. My only other thoughts for this post are similar to many folks who have suffered a loss sometime this year (or even years before)that with a heavy heart I "celebrate" these holidays, first Christmas (Navidad to us), and now in three days, the New Year (Ano Nuevo) 2014. May everyone find some peace and comfort and may the heaviness that is felt begin to lighten, for as the saying goes....Life Goes On.

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