Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Year + Leap Of Faith! An Extra Video For An Extra Day!

Mindful Monday KNOWSY Readers, and a Happy Leap Year to you! Yes, today is February 29, 2016 and if by chance you were actually born on this date, let me wish you a very Happy Birthday!
Now many of you folks have been hearing about why this day was added to the end of this month and may still be a little confused, so I decided to find a short video that will hopefully explain this a little better!

Okay, did that video help you? I hope so! 

Now, for the next video I wanted to share I started to think about the words and sayings attached to the word LEAP, well, we obviously have covered the Leap Day, Leap Year, you have heard of Leapfrog, however the one I chose is Leap of Faith! This expression has been around for many, many years and we say it when we want ourselves and those around us to BELIEVE either in us, them and/or a special cause even when doubt clouds our minds, it is that Belief that gives us the courage to Take a Chance! This leads me to a movie which I saw over 20 years ago starring Steve Martin, Debra Winger, Liam Neeson and Meat Loaf, aptly called "Leap of Faith" it was a "musical" drama that featured some great songs including this one called "Change In My Life"!

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, how are you feeling now? Have these videos helped and/or inspired you? Sometimes you just have to take a Leap of Faith to reach your life's goals!  


Bradley Anderson said...

Every day is a leap of faith for me. From the moment I open my eyes I turn it over to my Higher Power. Good post.

Terry Jenkins said...

There are so many areas in your life where you can take a leap of faith. I find the most challenging one many people have is a leap of faith in themselves. I try to encourage people who suffer this to do so self development work so they can build this faith.

Mike Gardner is the Time Doctor said...

I Think in order to move forwards in life everyone has to take a leap of faith, we never really know what's around the corner

Maria-Victoria Orlando said...

Thank you to Mike Gardner, Terry Jenkins and Bradley Anderson for your comments and good advice, it is much appreciated!