Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hello Or Rather, Hola From/Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Sunny Sunday KNOWSY Readers, yes, I am actually in my homeland of Argentina, in the capital city of Buenos Aires!

First off this trip in part was not scheduled, just like in life, everything can change in a moment. It has been an odyssey, primarily due to issues with my own documents (passport) which had expired and I needed to immediately get a provisional passport in order to travel. Now I am not certain if other countries work the same way, in that the moment you return to your country with such a passport you immediately have to renew/replace the one which expired. Here you are given three different options for return with different price points, due to the fact that this trip is a week long trip (9 days total due to departure/return). I actually went on Friday to the location that handles these documents and if all goes well, will have my new passport on Monday evening, to travel back to the U.S. on Tuesday, stay tuned!

Although this trip is not a pleasure trip, one is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, you do need to see some of this amazing city!

Next you will see a very short video I took yesterday Saturday September 10, 2016 while taking a tour of probably the most famous Soccer (Futbol) Club of Argentina: Club Atletico River Plate.

Please note, if you wish to Save Money, make sure to purchase your tickets at the Stadium, the cost is 180 Argentine Pesos, the exchange rate is approximately 15 pesos for each US Dollar making it $12 per person, a great bargain indeed.

This particular club is one I have known about it since my youth, due to the fact that my Mother was a diehard River Plate fan.
The club was founded back in early 1901, while checking her things I found this souvenir.

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, I hope you enjoyed this little video. Until next time, Chau!

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