Friday, October 14, 2016

These Shoes Are Made For Walking + My Walk4ALZ Appeal

Friendly Friday KNOWSY Readers, yes, only One Day left till the Walk4ALZ San Diego event at Balboa Park!
For those of you who are my regular readers already know, Alzheimer's is a disease which has touched my life significantly, my Mother was diagnosed in 2010 with Moderate Alzheimer's which progressed to severe within three short years, ultimately leading to her death on September 4, 2013.
These last two years, my sister, Rose Adams has made the Walk and is actually the captain of her team, of which I am a member in. 

After I arrived here in San Diego, I needed to buy a good pair of walking shoes and purchased these Easy Spirit Walking Shoes while the visiting DSW at Mission Valley West Shopping Center last Saturday!
Yesterday my sister brought the backpack with the T-shirt, bracelet and Walk4ALZ Card I will be wearing/holding tomorrow!  

 So, now in regards to my Walk4ALZ Appeal, I had written in an earlier post the request for sponsors, or as I affectionately nicknamed the ALZ "Coffee Warriors", the reference has to do that this year, what would have been my Mother's 95th Birthday, also happened to be National Coffee Day (September 29th), and my Mother was definitely a coffee lover! So if by chance any of this resonates with you either personally or professionally PLEASE do SUPPORT me with whatever amount you wish to donate, yes including the price of a cup of coffee!
You may visit my personal page with Walk4ALZ:

Alright my KNOWSY Readers, I wish you all the best wherever you may be and pray that you are healthy and safe (especially those effected by the hurricane, Matthew). Once again, if you are able, please do support me as a sponsor for this walkathon, and very importantly, SHARE this post!   

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